Rhinoplasty in Pakistan/ Nose job

Rhinoplasty is a novel procedure to change nose shape, function & overall Aesthetic appearance of face. It is one the most common procedure performed throughout the world.

Currently is an era of medical tourism, in which patients travel worldwide to get Plastic & cosmetic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty. We perform nose job frequently for all kind of patients from Pakistan & abroad.

Nose job cost varies from person to person depending upon nose shape, previous surgery and associated problems like cleft lip & palate.

Rhinoplasty Cost

Rhinoplasty cost ranges from 1000 to 9000 USD $ throughout the world depending upon location, expertise of surgeon, degree of abnormality. It also depends whether it is revision surgery of nose.

Rhinoplasty price includes surgery cost, anaesthesia, surgery medications & hospital stay.

We offer nose job surgery at affordable prices in Lahore, pakistan with natural beautiful shape, breathing normality. Currently Patients visit from all over the world especially UK, USA, UAE, Saudia Arabia for rhinoplasty with us.

To Get appointment & quote of rhinoplasty, contact us on Whatsapp +923445203650 by sharing your nose front and profile pics.

Nose job is performed by Doctor Muhammad Saleem, consultant Plastic & cosmetic surgeon, who has experience of performing hundreds of nose reshaping surgeries. We use Piezoelectric or ultrasonic rhinoplasty for quicker recovery.

Rhinoplasty by dr Saleem At one week
Rhinoplasty at 2 weeks

What is Rhinoplasty price in the world?

Rhinoplasty is an expensive plastic surgery procedure. 

  • Realself cost range 200,000 PKR – 30 lac PKR in 2019 around rest of world.

Who needs Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty candidates

  1. Cosmetic & Aesthetic issues like nose hump, deformity and deviation
  2. Wide, big Fatty nose
  3. Difficulty in breathing like (deviated nasal septum) DNS.
  4. Congenital deformity like cleft lip, Palate with nose deformities.
  5. Nose trauma or injury
  6. Nose burn
  7. Reconstruction with defects or partial or totally amputated noses.

Side Effects

Nose reshaping is generally safe surgery in expert plastic surgeon job. Cheap options through quacks may result in permanent nose deformity.

At Bella Tu Clinic this surgery is performed by Doctor Saleem board certified Plastic surgeon.

Common Side effects of Rhinoplasty surgery include

  1. swelling and edema of nose which may last 1 to 2 years
  2. Bruising
  3. Asymmetry
  4. Numbness
  5. Bleeding
  6. Need for revision

How rhinoplasty is performed?

  1. Initial detailed consultation is performed showing outcome & corrections required.
  2. Few blood tests are required before surgery for pre Anaesthesia assessment.
  3. Surgery is done in General anaesthesia with 2 to 3 hours duration.
  4. nose standard corrections may include septoplasty for deviation of nose.
  5. Tip elevation & correction
  6. Alar reduction for alas
  7. Bony width narrowing with Osteotomy. We use Piezoelectric system for nasal correction to avoid using saw. This results in quicker recovery with minimum bruising.
  8. Post surgery nasal packing is done and splints placed. Antibiotics and pain killers are advised for few days. Follow up is required at one week.

Nose job recovery

Recovery from surgery takes one to two weeks depending upon type of nose correction. During Recovery phase nose splint is placed inside & outside nose. Splint is removed at one week. After that nose taping is performed for 3 to 6 weeks to reduce swelling & edema.

It may take 9 months to one year for final results top appear during which phase swelling especially at tip is common.

Rhinoplasty Before & After results

Take a look at before & after results by doctor Saleem Plastic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty before & after
Nose job
Deviated nose correction
nose reshaping
Nose surgery before & after
nose tip lift
Thick nose correction
nose surgery by dr Saleem
Rhinoplasty before & after
nose deviation
Nose job Before & after
Rhinoplasty video
Rhinoplasty before & after

Rhinoplasty precautions after surgery?

  1. Rest for one week is required
  2. Soft Diet initially. Avoid spicy foods.
  3. Excercise is avoided for 3 to 6 weeks
  4. Glasses can be worn after 6 weeks
  5. Smoking should be avoided to promote good healing

What is minimum age for rhinoplasty?

Nose job can be performed safely after puberty after 18 years of age.

Post trauma nose Surgery

After trauma within one to 3 weeks surgery can be done. patients comes after 3 weeks, surgery is deferred till swelling, bone fractures heal. Best time after one year after injury.

For Booking appointment.

To enquire nose surgery quote or rhinoplasty cost in pakistan, Lahore. Leave nose front& side side pics on whatsapp, 03445203650 or +923342503650



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