Gynecomastia surgery in Pakistan

Gynecomastia is a disease characterised with enlargement of breasts in males due to multiple factors. This condition leads to psychosocial embarrassment in males. And in some men can lead to depression.

This condition is treatable permanently with surgery. Gyno surgery is performed with liposuction & gland removal.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Gynecomastia surgery cost depends upon grades of gyno. For overseas patients average cost varies from 700 to 1000$.

Gynecomastia Surgery cost In Pakistan

Gynecomastia surgery cost in Pakistan around  75 to 95 thousand rupees by dr Saleem plastic surgeon.

Surgery cost includes compression binder & surgery medications.

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Man boob surgery

Man chest reduction surgery is performed in local anaesthesia. Average time duration is one hour.

Surgery is done with help of liposuction & glands removal. Complete gland removal is performed to avoid recurrence.


After surgery compression binder is worn. Recovery of gyno surgery takes 5 days. Dressing is required for one to two weeks.

After surgery regular massage is required with any oil to soften chest. Compression garment is worn for 3 months.

Final results of male breast reduction surgery take average of 6 months.


Male chest enlargement is due to

  1. Harmonal issues in most boys start at 13 to 15 years of age at puberty
  2. supplements especially containing steroids or harmones.
  3. Certain medications
  4. intersex disorders
  5. liver or kidney diseases.

Side Effects

This surgery has minimum side effects, with quick down time. Scars become less visible in few weeks.

Swelling, bruising is common especially in initial few weeks. Seroma or haematoma collection can occurs in initial phase if compression binder isnt worn or loose.


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About the Surgeon

This surgery is performed by dr Saleem Plastic surgeon, who has performed numerous gynecomastia surgeries with excellent results.

Before & After results of manboob surgery

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Man boob surgery
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Gyno treatment
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